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You’ve Gotten Your First Job and You’re Car Shopping: 6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Used

When you’re fresh out of school and thrilled to be jumping into your first “real” job, it’s tempting to want to splurge on a big luxury, like a brand new shiny car to get you to and from work. But does it make financial sense for you to do so? Chances are it doesn’t. Here’s why. Luxury vs. Essential When we hear “new”, we often think “better.” But that’s not always true. While a car may be necessary for your commute, you don’t have to go new. A used car will get you to work the exact same way. Get the Most Bang for Your Buck When you start car shopping, you’ve probably got an idea of what you can afford to spend. Say you’ve budgeted $15,000. You could get a new basic economy car or a three-year old more fully equipped car with low miles. The difference can be … …continue

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Safe Driving For Every Season at

Buying a highly rated safe car is not the only way to stay safe driving and operating your vehicle. is a comprehensive consumer website that keeps you informed on vehicle recalls and safety issues, concerns related to children and child car seats, and tips and ideas on ensuring your teenager or aging relative is safe in the driver’s seat. In addition to informational articles on various safety subjects, the site offers resources on where to register your vehicle warranties and how to sign up for email or text alerts for breaking news. And you can always find the latest Government 5-Star Safety Ratings and vehicle safety information on the website. This was recently posted on The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducts safety tests to determine how well new vehicles protect drivers and passengers during a crash, how well vehicles resist rollovers, and whether vehicles are equipped with … …continue

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Get The Car Of Your Dreams

car black

Auto loan rates are as low as 1.99% APR*. If you are looking into buying a new car and faced with a decision between rebate and lower loan rate, call your Consumers Credit Union representative today. We can help you compare the two options. Remember… You’ll save money by shopping for the loan as closely as you shop for the car. Members are currently enjoying rates as low as 1.99% APR* for both autos and motorcycles it’s a competitive rate that will save you money over the life of the loan and in interest charges, and immediately give you a LOWER monthly payment. Let us help you get the car of your dreams – apply online at or call 800.991.2221. See the rebate comparisons at: *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Your rate may vary based on credit history, term, and collateral. Rates subject to change.

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With Us Every Step Of The Way…

Lena and Nick S., Joined 2011

Lena and Nick are meeting life’s challenges head on and are glad for a financial institution that’s with them every step of the way.  Lena works for Gentex, in Zeeland, Michigan, while her husband, Nick, works for S2 Yachts in Holland. Both were new to the credit union’s Riley Street Office in 2011, when they opened a savings and checking account and then their auto loan. Ultimately though, the couple’s dream was to get out of their apartment and into a home. They’d been working hard saving for their first house…getting their finances in order…and cutting back where ever they could. After the car loan, it was time to try for a mortgage, too. Lena and Nick worked with Mark Simonson, Mortgage Loan Officer at Consumers Credit Union. Mark sat down with them and helped review their mortgage options. After the initial consultation, Mark recommended going FHA for the loan – … …continue

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Summer Driving – Keeping Your Teen Safe

daisy car

Presented by our friends at AAA… Summer is thought of as a time for fun with friends for most teens. Sadly to say, it is also the deadliest time of year for teen drivers and passengers with seven of the top 10 deadliest days of the year occurring between the Memorial Day and Labor Day, according to an analysis of crash data completed by AAA. Since deadly traffic crashes peak for teens during the summer months of June, July and August, AAA urges parents with teen drivers to increase their focus on safety during summer. An average of 422 teens die in traffic crashes during each of the deadly summer months of June, July and August; as compared to a monthly average of 363 teen deaths during the non-summer months; according to AAA. During the summer months teens are more care-free and excited to have the freedom to drive around, … …continue

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Buckle Up! Your Teen’s Buying A Car, Teen Series Part V

Parents: In The Loop Teen Series Part V Buying a car is usually the first major purchase your teenager will make…and it is often made using credit. Whether your teen has help from family or friends to finance a car, it’s important for your child to understand their options. By seeing how the loan process actually works, your teen will soon realize the cost of credit can vary considerably. Even if your teen is not getting a loan for their “first” car, it’s a great exercise for them to know how to shop for the loan as well as the car…and the “buyer beware” philosophy should apply to both. The cost of the loan Several factors go into determining the cost of the loan, including the annual percentage rate (APR), which can be as high as 24-25% at some institutions depending on state usury law, and other factors, including the … …continue

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New Ride Shared With Consumers Family

Jerry O., Shows off His New Harley!

Who doesn’t like to show off a new ride.  One of the reasons (and there are many!) that I love my work is never knowing what great story I will learn about from the people we work with every day.  My email is full of stories from colleagues and members who like to share their successes.  Today I received this photo from our Gull Road office featuring Jerry O., a member who just picked up his new ride! Jerry’s “Consumers Family” immediately came out to oooh and ahhh when he drove in.  Now we can’t wait to see him cruise in on his new Harley. The products and services we offer (like our new auto and motorcycle rates starting as low as  1.99% APR*) are always a great feature to talk about.  But it’s members like Jerry who bring the services to life. Congratulations Jerry – Keep On Ridin’! If … …continue

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In The Market For A New Vehicle?

cool car 2012

FREE Car Buying Seminar On April 17th…Join Us! Reserve Your Seat Today! Kalamazoo, Mich. – Consumers Credit Union is hosting a free seminar, “The ABC’s of Car Buying,” on Tuesday, April 17, 2012, from 6-7pm, in the lower level of its Stadium Drive location, 7040 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo. All are welcome to attend.      This informative workshop will assist anyone who is in the market for a new vehicle, preparing them for a smooth and easy car shopping experience. Attendees will learn how to: Determine how much car they can afford “Deal” with auto dealers Negotiate the best car price And more “Being well prepared before car shopping will make the experience easier and less stressful, and potentially save any car buyer money in the purchase price and loan,” adds Jennifer Knapp, Education and Events Coordinator at Consumers. She encourages anyone who is interested to attend this free seminar. RSVP at or … …continue

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That New Car Smell Is In The Air

car guy

Spring is blooming and for many people that means buying a new car. Whether you’re trading in or trading up, prepare before you shop so you don’t make an emotional decision that will cost you more than you wanted to spend. Evaluate needs vs. wants. Do you need the sunroof and double DVD players? Would a hybrid work with your commute? Do the kids and dog fit in the back seat? Asking yourself some basic questions can save you time and money when you’re ready to shop. Have your homework handy. Do a little web research and arm yourself with your trade-in value, the current manufacturer deals on models you are interested in, and incentive programs available.   Get pre-approved first. Knowing how much loan you qualify for and what fits your budget can narrow your choices and put you in a better negotiating position. Since many dealers make their money in … …continue

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Lease or Purchase: What’s the better option?

Car Salesman and a Customer

  Should I Lease or Purchase My Vehicle Advertising campaigns by car manufacturers make leasing a new car a very appealing deal. With TV ads shouting “only $199 a month” car payments, it’s easy to understand why so many take notice.  But, do your homework before heading down the lease road to make sure you choose the option most appropriate for you.   It’s Usually Better to Lease a Vehicle When  . . . •             You like to change vehicles every 2-4 years. •             You take exceptional care of your cars. •             You don’t want to worry about potential repair and maintenance costs associated                with an aging car. •             You like luxury cars but don’t like the luxury payments. It’s Usually Better to Purchase a Vehicle When . . . •             You want to pay cash. •             You like to keep your cars for a long time. •             You are … …continue

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