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An Easy Transition

Ryan B., joined 2011

When Ryan B. approached Consumers about his business accounts, he was looking for a certain level of service to simplify the transition. He says, “When we started, they sat down with us, they walked us through everything we needed to have in one place, to put all our accounting and banking needs in one spot.” With his business partner living in Kansas City, having multiple ways to access their accounts is just as important as face-to-face service. “With Online Banking, we’ve been able to seamlessly and quickly take care of things online in a fashion that just works. We both have access to the accounts, so we both can make deposits via ATMs. We can make payments online. We can have phone conversations,” he says, adding, “There are so many vehicles for service that we get here at Consumers as opposed to other places.” To learn how Online Banking can … …continue

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More Employers Providing Financial Counseling to Staff

Business Savings

A quarter of companies in the U.S. now offer their employees one-on-one financial counseling and more than half offer one-on-one investment advice, according to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management. And these employers have good reason to provide this extra service: Distracted employees are less productive. In fact, a recent survey from McGraw Hill Federal Credit Union found that 36% of respondents said they spend at least two hours per day worrying about their finances or handling them. Accordingly, about 44% of male respondents and 49% of female respondents reported having difficulty concentrating as a result of the stress. Because of this, financial education is becoming an essential part of a company’s wellness program, just like physical wellness. Companies that support the all-around well-being of their workers see higher productivity levels. Would your business and employees benefit from a financial wellness program? Our Consumers @Work program brings … …continue

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Consumers Makes Your Business Our Business

Andy W., joined 1999

Succeeding in today’s challenging and dynamic business environment requires more than just money to succeed. You need access to the local decision makers who can make a difference to your business. When Andy W. first approached Consumers, he was frustrated. His business depends on being able to borrow capital during certain seasons of the year, but it would take him anywhere from one to three years to get a loan approved with his previous bank. He says, “Consumers gave us a loan within about 30 to 45 days. We were floored with how fast it went. It was a very comfortable situation, a very smooth transition.” Andy adds, “We felt there was a sense of loyalty for people in the local community.” Consumers brings you local decision making, online business services, and professionals to work with you one-on-one. Call us today at 800.991.2221 or visit to learn more.

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At Consumers, Your Business Is Our Business

Julie M., joined 2006

Here at Consumers, we believe it should be easy for you to obtain the personal service you deserve for your business. That’s why we bring you local decision making, online business services, and professionals to work with you one–on–one. Meet our Consumers family, members who joined Consumers and trust in our business banking partnership. Their success is our success. Learn more at or call us at 800.991.2221.

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Traveling Internationally? Plan Ahead to Use Your Debit and Credit Cards

EMV Card

When you travel abroad, we want to make sure you have convenient access to the funds in your accounts. Certain differences in American and European credit and debit cards can make that more challenging; however, if you prepare in advance, you can easily navigate these differences. Why is there a difference? Many European countries have switched to chip-and-PIN cards (also known as EMV cards for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa). Instead of having a magnetic strip, these cards are embedded with a little chip (some have both). When making purchases with a chip-and-PIN card, you enter your PIN to complete the sale, the way you do with a U.S. debit card. The major credit card providers plan to introduce this chip technology to the U.S. in the next two to three years. Your cards with Consumers will incorporate chip technology at that time. As a U.S. card with a magnetic strip … …continue


Small Business Lending Made Simple

Peter S., joined 2008

Today’s post is by Eric Stoll, Business Relationship Manager. At Consumers Credit Union our focus is on serving our members. And while this is a key factor that separates us from other small business lenders, here are the top five differentiators in our lending that we’ve found can help increase the success of small business owners in our community: 1. Longer term loans We can offer our business members up to a 15-year term on owner occupied real estate loans. This benefits our members by eliminating the hassle and disruption of dealing with the loan renewal process, the worry of the loan possibly not being renewed, and the expense of having to renew the loan every 5-7 years. We have found that offering a longer term provides peace of mind to our members who are able to focus on doing what they do best: managing and growing their business. 2. … …continue

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Getting Down to Business

When Julie M. opened her floral business four months ago, she knew she would need to have complete faith in her business—and in the credit union where she chose to do her banking—in order to succeed. So she joined Consumers, and says, “They guided me through each and every step of the way, and made it easy for me as a new business owner.” We can help you navigate your business banking needs as well, with solutions including ePayroll, BusinessPlus Checking, Loans, Credit Cards, and Lines of Credit. Call us today to learn more!

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I wouldn’t change for the world…Wanda C., Joined 1986

Wanda, her six children, and business are all members of Consumers Credit Union. She was introduced to the credit union in 1986 by our CEO, Kit Snyder, who encouraged her to look at the benefits and compare our savings and service to that of her bank. Kit also stressed the importance of extending credit union services to her growing staff – as a unique employee benefit. Wanda took his advice, opened her own accounts and those for her business…and eventually offered the benefit of membership to her staff. She hasn’t looked back since. Now, 26 years later, she reflects on her decision to join Consumers – whether for personal or business needs, or as a benefit to staff, Wanda has been delighted with all aspects of her membership. “I’m a happy customer and that’s what you need to have for a good business…happy customers,” states Wanda. “At most places you’re just … …continue

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Business Services Abound

You trust us to provide the best in personal financial products—now let us help with your business. Our complete line of Business Services will meet your needs with the same innovation, quality, and personal service we’ve been delivering to members since our inception in 1951. Whether you’re just starting a new business or looking for ways to improve efficiencies of your existing business, try Consumers Business Services. NEW BusinessPlus Checking NEW ePayroll Savings & CDs Loans & Mortgages eBanking Onsites If you already use our business checking, look for your account to transition this month to new BusinessPlus Checking. You’ll appreciate the account’s flexible structure – eliminating many unnecessary fees and ultimately saving you money in the costs to manage your business. We’ve built the account with no minimum balance requirements, free and unlimited check writing and ACH transactions, and plenty of free deposit items and bill payments*. The account also … …continue

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I’m in Partnership with Consumers

Everybody knows my name, and I know theirs… Peter S. joined Consumers in 2008 – taking advantage of our personalized, small business solutions to establish his business. “I came into Consumers with the concept of building my business through my savings program – my 401(k).” Peter had been to numerous banks looking for support, but none seemed willing or able to help. Consumers listened and worked with Peter to overcome a number of initial obstacles while our expert on 401(k) planning stepped in to assist. Together, we supported Peter’s efforts, and after discovering his unique needs, a solution was devised and his small business born. “Consumers was interested in what I was trying to do,” adds Peter. “They knew and understood the little things that made a difference to me. They listened and helped.” Eventually Peter brought his other business to the credit union – mostly because of the service experience … …continue

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