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Bringing a Smile to Many Faces

Girls on the Run 10

Weeks 9 & 10 of Girls on the Run Last week the girls finalized what their community service project would be. They brainstormed possible ideas and then decided as a team how they could serve their community. Our team decided to do something nice for the teachers of their upper elementary school. This week each girl brought in a couple dozen treats to place in the teacher’s lounges, the bus garage, and the maintenance building. Dozens of decorative cookies, gooey brownies, and bars were delivered by the team to some very happy recipients. The girls also each designed an adorable door hanger for each classroom What a great way to give back to their school and leaders. What have you done for your community lately?

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Join Us in Welcoming Nine New Employees!

We are pleased to welcome nine new employees to our Consumers family. Recently named one of West Michigan’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For with a special recognition for employee work-life balance, Consumers prides itself on a strong employee culture that fosters excellent member service. This focus begins the very first day of New Hire Orientation when the executive team meets with new staff to share our mission and vision, as well as our goals, which center around TEAM success. After completing onboarding, new employees will be working at Consumers offices in Kalamazoo, Mattawan, and Holland. Stop by our offices to say hi to the following new team members: Abby Jozwicki—Teller at Ninth Street Ivonne Colin—Bilingual Teller at Riley Josie Schimpf—Teller at West Main Kendra Cook—Teller at Mattawan Kristen Smith—MSCR in the Member Service Center Laura Westbrooks—Teller at Milham Lauren Williams—MSCR in the Member Service Center Shelby Tomlinson—MSCR … …continue

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The Money Lessons You’ve Learned from Mom

This Mother’s Day weekend, we’d like to recognize our moms and the fact that they’ve quite probably been the biggest influence in helping us grow into the people we are today. Earlier this week on our Facebook page, we asked you what money lessons you’d learned from your moms. You responded with a wealth of great advice. Of course, we’re not surprised. Our members are financially savvy, and all of that knowledge had to come from somewhere! Here’s a small sample of what your moms have shared over the years. They taught us practical lessons: From David B.—“Keep your checkbook balanced.” And philosophical ones: From Kimberly L.—“Money can’t buy happiness.” The value of hard work: From Chelsea F.—“She helped me get my first job when I was 15 so I could earn my own money.” And of saving: From Lateefah M.—“Save, save, save, and you’ll never be broke.” How to … …continue

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Consumers Went to Bat for Me!

Member Sharon A. describes banking with Consumers as fun. Even the process of getting a mortgage, which many people dread, left her with a fun feeling. That’s because, as she says, “Consumers tried to help. They went to bat for me to get me that mortgage. I really give them credit for that.” When Sharon purchased her new home, she still owned the old one. She says, “When I went to a bank they told me, ‘We don’t do bridge loans, can’t do it.’” So she came to Consumers—and says the process was simple. “I came in, and we started working with it. They worked me through to where we can pay very little on the new mortgage until we sell the other house. The bank wasn’t even going to deal with me!” Sharon’s favorite part about banking with Consumers? “Everybody’s friendly. Here, there’s somebody who knows me. I like … …continue

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Choose Wisely

Week 7 & 8 of Girls on the Run Last week we explored the qualities to look for in our friends. We also identified some difficult situations that many young girls face within friendships and why it is important to be intentional about our friendships. Several girls said they would rather have honest, happy, and caring friends even if that means not being part of the “popular” group. What a road they have ahead of them. Sure to be full of crossroads where they will have to make decisions on their own dealing with this difficult topic. This week we discussed being aware of the negative ways media portrays girls and women. Together, we developed critical thinking skills to use when viewing an advertisement or media image. After glancing at a magazine ad for a shampoo brand, many girls agreed that using their product does not mean they would turn out … …continue

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Your Auto Loan on Your Terms

When you apply for a loan with Consumers Credit Union, you get more than a credit check: You start a conversation. Member Bradford W. describes his experience applying for an auto loan, “Consumers pulled the same information that the bank pulled, but actually took the time to talk to me.” He adds, “I equate it to an interview process. You can look at someone’s resume and make whatever judgments you want, but when you talk to someone, you see what’s really going on with their life.” This approach to lending ensures that your loan will help you meet your financial goals, so that you can say, like Bradford, “I got the loan that I needed, on the terms that I needed.” When you’re shopping for your next car, request Consumers financing at the dealership. We have relationships with most auto dealers in West Michigan. Prefer to run the numbers for … …continue

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Getting Down to Business

When Julie M. opened her floral business four months ago, she knew she would need to have complete faith in her business—and in the credit union where she chose to do her banking—in order to succeed. So she joined Consumers, and says, “They guided me through each and every step of the way, and made it easy for me as a new business owner.” We can help you navigate your business banking needs as well, with solutions including ePayroll, BusinessPlus Checking, Loans, Credit Cards, and Lines of Credit. Call us today to learn more!

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Stand Up for Yourself

Week 6 of Girls on the Run Teaching the girls skills to help them stand up for themselves and what they believe was the focus of this week’s lesson. At the beginning of practice, the girls participated in a team building exercise that required them to pass a tennis ball using only their elbows and then their chins, which can be a pretty challenging task if you think about it. During the exercise, a girl from each of the two teams was asked to be the “negative Nancy”. I heard comments like “I suck at this”, “I can’t do this”, and “I quit”. It was interesting to hear some encouraging responses from a few girls but many remained pretty quiet. Next, the girls practiced some assertiveness statements to help them talk to someone who may be bothering them. We talked about using the “I feel…when you…because…I need you to…” approach. … …continue

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“Who Is Your Smoking Cinderella” and other learnings from #MoPro2013

National conferences. You see the photos and follow the Twitter posts. You may even see quite a bit of good-natured “ribbing” from colleagues and friends if you have the opportunity to go to a conference that has remarkable weather and landscapes. I just returned from a five day conference in Orlando, Florida. Leaving 45 degree weather and rain to arrive to 72 and sunny was not hard to swallow. The conference was put on by our financial partner PSCU. The conference was MoPRO2013 and it focused on member partners – engaging us in new learnings surrounding service, technology, and growth. We travelled to the conference as a team. Our CEO, Kit Snyder, VP of Operations, Scott Sylvester, and Plastics Manager, Kelly Smith attended along with me, our Chief Marketing Officer. The conference was a great opportunity to share ideas face to face and meet with partners in person. We also shared … …continue

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