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Need New Windows? Furnace? Air Conditioner?

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Our Michigan Saves Home Loan Program connects you to more than financing options for your home upgrades. The program makes it easy to find the experts you need to complete the job. The first step in applying for a Michigan Saves Home Energy Loan is selecting your contractor. When you select a Michigan Saves authorized contractor, you know they meet the requirements for licensing, insurance, and third-party certification. Advanced Contractors have additional technical certifications and are authorized to perform a broader array of services and improvements. To choose from the authorized contractors in your area visit, where you’ll find contact information, services provided, and customer ratings. Your contractor will provide you an estimate based on your energy assessment or choice of qualified energy improvements. Your contractor will help connect you to your financing options—be sure to ask for Consumers Credit Union by name and you’ll have a decision within … …continue

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Got Projects? Get Going!

Kelsey E.

Make your home’s equity work for you! A low-interest home equity loan from Consumers gives you access to cash for life’s adventures—home remodeling and improvements, a new car or boat, college tuition, student loan payoff, travel, a vacation home, and more! Rates are as low as .99% APR* for the first six months on new home equity lines of credit with rates as low as 3.25% APR thereafter. Plus, pay no closing costs! How can you put your home’s equity to work? *Promotional, introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) applies only to new loans. The rate is effective as of April 1, 2014. Will become variable rate after the first six monthly billing cycles. Variable APR can range from 3.25%-18.00% APR. All loans subject to approval. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change and may vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications, and collateral conditions. Property insurance is required. Early termination fee … …continue

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March 25 Ask Tim Anything: ConnectU Facebook Chat on Loans

Consumers ConnectU - Tim

As part of our Consumers ConnectU financial education series, Tim Kosak, our Consumer Lending Manager, will be taking your questions about loans on our Facebook page on Tuesday, March 25 from noon to 1 pm. Do you want to know what to expect when applying for a loan? The difference between secured and unsecured loans? Bring your questions! We’ll start the discussion with a post on our Facebook page. Comment on it with your questions, and Tim will respond as questions come in. Please remember that Facebook is a public forum. For your security and privacy, we ask that you never disclose any personal banking information online. Certain questions may require us to refer you to our Member Service Center for personal attention offline. If you have a question about your accounts with Consumers, please call us at 800.991.2221 for assistance.

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Applying for a Mortgage Just Got Easier!

Ann & Jim S., joined 2011

At Consumers, we value getting you in your home faster and making the entire process less stressful. Now you can apply for your mortgage online in as little as 20 minutes. Your application may even qualify for instant approval. A Consumers Credit Union Loan Officer will follow up within the next day to answer your questions and guide you through the mortgage process. A home may be your biggest investment, which is why we’re committed to local processing and loan servicing. You’re always working with the team you trust. Apply for your mortgage today at “Yes. No problem. Boom. Done.” -Ann & Jim S. describe applying for their mortgage with Consumers


Crashing the MCUL Governmental Affairs Conference

This week, I had the opportunity to join Carrie Susemihl and Jennifer Knapp in “crashing” the Michigan Credit Union League’s Governmental Affairs Conference in Lansing. “Crashing?” I hear you wonder. “You mean you busted through security at the House Office Building to lunch with your legislators?” Well, no. Although yes, we did get to talk to our House Representatives over lunch about topics of concern to the credit union industry and our members. To “crash” in the credit union world means to invite young (30ish and under) professionals to attend industry conferences frequented by execs, senior managers, and board members. As Carrie is part of the team coordinating this year’s Michigan Crashers, and Jen and myself were selected to crash next month’s MCUL Annual Conference and Exposition in Detroit, we were invited to attend the first day of this year’s GAC. We came away with a greater understanding of the … …continue

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“FAKO” Credit Scores – Useful or Not?

Your credit score evaluates how much risk you present as a borrower and takes into account factors such as your payment history, the amount and type of debt that you owe, and the length of your credit history. The most commonly relied upon credit score is your FICO score, which is calculated by each of the three main credit bureaus—Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. (They may vary slightly due to differences in the way they compile your information.) So if these represent your true credit score, why would you care about the simulation scores (or “FAKO” scores) you can find online? While simulation scores are not the same scores a lender will use to price or evaluate a loan, they can help you see progress while working to improve your score and alert you to any sudden changes that could indicate fraud. Plus, the scores provided by sites such as … …continue

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Our Online Banking Log-In Has a New Look!

We’ve streamlined our online banking log-in process to make accessing your accounts from your computer quicker and easier, an improvement that many members requested in last fall’s Member Satisfaction Survey. Now when you pull up our home page, you’ll simply enter your member number or nickname (watch this video to learn how to change your log-in to a nickname rather than your member number) into the log-in box along the left side of the screen and continue through to your security question and password. No need to enter a randomly generated code! This update maintains the same high standard of security that our previous log-in process provided. It is our commitment to you that access to your financial information is appropriately secure. If you have any questions about online banking or our streamlined log-in, please contact us at 800.991.2221.

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Thanking Our Members with Great Rates!

As a special “Thank You” to both long time members and newcomers, Consumers Credit Union is introducing a CD earning 1.25% APY* for 15 months or a CD earning 2.10% APY* for 60 months. In addition to the great rate, depositors get added peace of mind as one penalty-free withdrawal is allowed during the lifetime of each CD. Consumers’ philosophy is to give superior financial products and exceptional personal service, while helping the communities it serves earn the very best. Members and communities across West Michigan are enjoying these two Thank You CD specials in celebration of a year of record growth within the credit union. All are welcome to visit any office to learn more about these CD specials. If you’re not yet a member, discover the benefits of membership, and join the celebration now because this offer is available for a limited time only. Learn more at *APY = … …continue

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Relay For Life…Our Personal Stories, Part V

A Tribute To Eva Cole

A Tribute To Eva Cole..By Alex Bierlein Naturally, as a 16 year old I had a tendency to sleep in as late as possible during the summer months, but on this particular morning, with the sunrise as a new beacon, I was up and getting ready. It was 6am; I had just finished my sophomore year in high school, and had gotten my license only months before. The day before I had promised myself that whenever I woke up that next morning I would go up to the hospital to see my Grandma, Eva, who was in a coma at Bronson Hospital from complications of cancer . It had been made clear to our family that it was only a matter of time before Grandma Cole would pass but there wasn’t a specific time table on when this would happen. So on that summer morning without an alarm clock, I awoke at 6:02am … …continue

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