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“Who Is Your Smoking Cinderella” and Other Learnings from #MoPro2013

National conferences. You see the photos and follow the Twitter posts. You may even see quite a bit of good-natured “ribbing” from colleagues and friends if you have the opportunity to go to a conference that has remarkable weather and landscapes. I just returned from a five day conference in Orlando, Florida. Leaving 45 degree weather and rain to arrive to 72 and sunny was not hard to swallow. The conference was put on by our financial partner PSCU. The conference was MoPRO2013 and it focused on member partners – engaging us in new learnings surrounding service, technology, and growth. We travelled to the conference as a team. Our CEO, Kit Snyder, VP of Operations, Scott Sylvester, and Plastics Manager, Kelly Smith attended along with me, our Chief Marketing Officer. The conference was a great opportunity to share ideas face to face and meet with partners in person. We also shared … …continue

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What Our Intern Taught US!

Our marketing team had the privilege recently of attending the  wrap up event for the SouthWest Michigan First / Monroe Brown Foundation Internship.  We listened to 40+ presenters explain what they learned over the summer at the various positions they held. The stories were personal, intriguing (at times overwhelming) and professional. As I sat listening to each presenter I reflected on the connections they all seemed to have. They all felt gratitude for being able to  learn on the job.  It was a very inspirational event for everyone. When it was Brittany Verner’s time to speak, she began her presentation using a PowerPoint style and the projector had a few fits and starts. Brittany plowed ahead fearlessly and gave a very solid presentation of what she learned. I have to admit pride as we listened to her showcase all of the different facets of work she touched over the short … …continue

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You Fit Me To A Tee! – Three Ways To Enhance Member Satisfaction!

Know. Serve. Delight. I’m closing in on one year as a part of the Consumers Credit Union family. What an amazingly vibrant time of learning and relationship building I’ve encountered. I love my work and my colleagues—and most importantly our members! I have a very strong background in communication and marketing with over 12 years experience in marketing and publicizing Credit Unions. With that experience comes a joy of knowing it’s important to break through barriers of knowledge on just what a credit union is and why everyone should look into them for all of their financial needs. When asked what is my most important role the answer is simple: Providing customer service both internally and externally that has our customers yelling, “Wow!” In a credit union our number one customer is our member. Analyzing data and creating a campaign that draws attention to a member or potential new member … …continue

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Talking With Your Kids about Money – Mom of Six shares Story.

Drivers License and debit card arrive the same day for teenager Luke J.

“I didn’t ever worry about it.” That’s the phrase I would use if anyone asked me to explain how I learned about handling finances. As a young person talking in our family about budgets, checking balances was not discussed. I was brought up in an idyllic home where we never knew how my parents juggled four kids and work. We were happily oblivious to the stresses they faced. My parents did not shield me, they just didn’t want to worry me, and for that I am thankful. I remember going into the bank on my way to college. That’s when I had my first checking account that my Dad helped me apply for. And that’s when I was thrown into the world of “big people” without any real training or explaination about money management. I was just told, “Don’t bounce a check.” Now, with teenagers of my own, there is … …continue

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New Ride Shared With Consumers Family

Jerry O., Shows off His New Harley!

Who doesn’t like to show off a new ride. One of the reasons (and there are many!) that I love my work is never knowing what great story I will learn about from the people we work with every day. My email is full of stories from colleagues and members who like to share their successes. Today I received this photo from our Gull Road office featuring Jerry O., a member who just picked up his new ride! Jerry’s “Consumers Family” immediately came out to oooh and ahhh when he drove in. Now we can’t wait to see him cruise in on his new Harley. The products and services we offer are always a great feature to talk about. But it’s members like Jerry who bring the services to life. Congratulations, Jerry—keep on ridin’! Thanks, members! *APR equals Annual Percentage Rate

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Engaging Members One “Singer” at at Time!

Valentine's Gift from Members

I love that I’m celebrating my 4th month anniversary with Consumers Credit Union the week of Valentine’s! One of my first goals was to visit each of our 13 offices and meet members and colleagues face to face. In Marketing we are always trying to get more “face time” with our customers. Some marketers are focused on numbers of visits, unique visitors, friends and followers. In this new digital world they are important. But I am a strong believer in real face time—where you can make eye contact and understand the feeling of what’s being said. You can communicate without guessing what the “text” or “email” really was trying to say. I just spent last week traveling through West Michigan meeting with our Consumers members. The stories they share are inspiring. I’ve talked with a Coldwater mom who has only a few more payments until she’s debt free. I’ve met … …continue

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