Jan 14 2015

5 Reasons to Transfer Your Credit Card Balances


Rob J., joined 2011

Rob J., joined 2011

Whether you are still paying for your last vacation, or paying off all those holiday gifts, a great low credit card rate is imperative to getting the balance paid off

Below are 5 reasons why taking advantage of Consumers Credit Union 0.99% APR* for 6 months on all balance transfers made through March 31st is the smart choice for your budget.

1. No Balance Transfer Fees!

Are we kidding?  Nope, by transferring your high rate balances to Consumers Credit Union, you will see immediate interest rate relief and can enjoy the low 0.99% APR,  knowing there are no fees associated with your balance transfer.

2. After the promotional period ends, the standard APR of 8.99%-21.99%, depending on your credit history, will apply.

A great rate is the name of the game. With our credit cards, we pride ourselves on a low, standard APR.

3. No credit card with us? No problem!

Even if you don’t currently have a credit card, you can apply today and start saving. Apply online at consumerscu.org, call 800.991.2221 or stop in to get started. Just be sure to complete your balance transfer by March 31st, 2015.

4. Transfer as many balances as you need to!

Do you have multiple cards with balances on them? Move them all over to your Consumers credit card and benefit from a low rate with a single payment in your monthly budget.  There are no limits for how many cards to transfer, just be sure to stay below your credit limit!

5. Transferring your balance is quick and easy!

Existing cardholders can apply online at consumerscu.org, call 800.991.2221 or stop in an office with statements from the cards you would like to transfer, and we can get the ball rolling!

You can check out the many benefits of using a credit card with Consumers Credit Union here on our website!

*.99% APR for balance transfers made 1/1/15-3/31/15. The .99% APR rate is good for 6 billing periods from the date of each transfer. After, unpaid balances revert to standard variable card rate (8.99%-21.99% APR). Balance transfers process as cash transactions and incur finance charges immediately. Interest will also be charged on purchases as of the transaction date if the entire statement balance, including the total amount subject to a promotional APR, is not paid by the due date each month. The minimum payment applies to lowest rate balances first. Payments exceeding the minimum payment due each billing period apply to balances with high APRs prior to low APRs. Current Consumers credit card and loan balances ineligible for transfer. No rewards points on transferred balances.

For details, see your credit card agreement. Approval subject to credit review. Promo rates/fees/terms subject to change, may end at any time. Your standard APR is based on a periodic review of your account/credit history and may vary with the market based on Prime Rate. Refer to your truth-in-lending statement.

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